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Microchip cat flap

microchip cat flaps fitted and installed by ask glass

Petporte - White Microchip cat flap.

The Pet Porte micro chip Smart Flap includes selective entry, night mode, vet mode and more, the Microchip Cat Flap builds upon the strengths of this fantastic product to bring you the ultimate solution in automatic catflaps.

As well as being powered by a low-voltage power supply, the microchip cat flap has a back-up battery facility to prevent your cat being locked out during a power cut, and this battery can also be used to power the Microchip Cat Flap in its basic mode.

Pet owners can now also choose a 'power-off' state for the Microchip Cat Flap, so that a cut in power to the Smart Flap will result in either an automatic-lock mode or in the Smart Flap remaining open.

Possibly best of all, the Microchip Cat Flap has been designed to fit a round hole of 21cm diameter which makes it far easier to fit in glass, as well as a square hole of side length 169mm to fit to wood or PVC with the addition of an extra screw hole.

The Micro chip cat flap is possibly our best selling cat flap due to it being for your cat and your cat only. The microchip cat flap will respond only to your cats microchip and not the moggy from next door. Meaning your cat enjoys all thier dinner while your microchip cat flap keeps out intruders.