cat flaps installed and supplied by ask glass
Magnetic cat flap
magnetic cat flaps fitted and installed by ask glassStaywell 400 - White Deluxe magnetic 4 way locking cat flap.

Advanced magnetically operated cat flap with a magnetic collar key.

Perfect for double glazing, walls, wooden and UPVC doors.
The white clear magnetic 4 way locking cat flap can fit into any wood, UPVC, composite door as long as there is a 54mm gap from below. With a 4 way secure locking mechanism this allows you to set when you want your cat kept in, or out.

With this cat flap the door is activated by a magnet on your cats colour allowing your cat to have free roam ( if you choose) .

This cat flap allows:

Control over your cats movements
Comes with a magnetic collar to activate the flap
Comes with one silver mouse ball key
The choice to secure it shut, and it to stay shut!