cat flaps installed and supplied by ask glass
Infrared cat flap
infrared cat flap fitted by ask glassStaywell 500 - White Infrared cat flap.

New from Staywell - An infra red cat flap - with a unique coded key which only allows access to your cats complete with a 4 way security locking system.

This cat flap allows:

Infra red Operated
4-way locking
See-through flap
Easy to fit with full instructions
Staywell 310 Tunnel Extensions can be purchased separately
Universal Fitting
Suitable for cats up to 7kg (15Ibs)

The Staywell Infrared cat flap is one of the best and most affordable on the market today. The joys of having this type of flap results in only allowing your cat through so you will not have any unwanted guests for dinner.