dog flaps fitted into upvc

Dog Flaps fitted in UPVC Doors,

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Dog flaps can easily be installed into most UPVC doors.

Due to UPVC doors ranging in styles and shapes some customers don't think that having a dog flap fitted into their UPVC door is not possible.

Our trained dog flap installers are able to remove whole panels of the UPVC door and replace them with like for like ones.

This means that many doors, even though they might be an irregular shape, can have a dog flap installed into them.

Fitting dog flaps in UPVC doors is a quick process and usually takes 3 hours to complete. Once the job is complete we will:

  • Remove all mess left by our installers
  • Make sure you are happy with the job before taking payment
  • Dispose of all waste in an environmentally friendly way
  • Our aftercare team will make sure you are completely satisfied
  • All our work comes with a 10 year guarantee

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