dog flaps fitted and installed by ask glass into double glazing

Dog Flaps fitted in Double Glazing,

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images of dog flaps fitted in double glazing
Dog flaps fitted in glass give your dog the freedom they need while also not being an eyesore to the home.

Dog flaps fitted by Ask Glass are all of the highest standard and come from makes such as Staywell, Petporte and Catmate.

When fitting a dog flap into a single glazed window, our trained dog flap fitters will simply cut a whole and install the dog flap.

With regard to fitting dog flaps into double glazed units. The whole piece of glass will have to be replaced.


Double glazed units are sealed units. If this seal is broken then air can enter and cause your window to steam or mist up ( if this has already happened to you then check out our misted and steamed units page).

Ask Glass are able to order you a piece of new glass with the dog flap installed.
Our dog flap fitter will then fit your dog flap into your double glazed unit.

All dog flaps fitted by Ask Glass come with a 10 year guarantee and we dispose of all waste left at your home in an environmentally friendly way.
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