dog flaps fitted and installed by ask glass

Dog Flaps Fitted

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Dog flap fitted into glass
Dog Flaps Fitted in Glass

Our Dog flaps can be fitted into single & Double Glazed windows and doors.

All Dog flaps fitted come with a 10 year guarantee.

dog flap fitted in upvc
Dog Flaps fitted in UPVC

There is a wide range of styles for UPVC doors. Dog flaps can be fitted into most of them.

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dog flap fitted into wooden door
Dog Flaps fitted Wood

Dog flaps fitted in wooden doors is a fairly simple process and most can be done on site.

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dog flap fitted into a wall
Dog Flaps fitted in Walls

Most people do not think of installing a Dog flap in their wall. But this is a great way to make sure that your Dog can have freedom throughout the house.
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