cat and dog flaps installed and supplied by ask glass
cat flaps installed and fitted by ask glass
dog flaps fitted by ask glass
Ask Glass's range of cat flaps fitted and installed by ask glass
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Give you dog the freedom it needs with a dog flap
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Welcome to Ask Glass Cat & Dog Flap Installations,

Ask Glass are specially trained to have cat flaps fitted and dog flaps fitted and installed. Your cat flap or dog flap can be fitted into a variety of materials including:

Our trained cat flap fitters and dog flap fitters can fit a flap for any shape or size of animal. We only use the highest quality cat flaps and dog flaps and once the cat flap or dog flap is installed you can trust in Ask Glass as all of our work comes with a ten year guarantee.

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How do we fit our Cat & Dog Flaps?

Into Glass:

We will manufacture a new double glazed unit, with pre-formed hole for the cat or dog flap to be fitted.

We need replace the current unit to ensure that it is vacuum sealed.

It is possible to install into ANY and all types of double glazed units. Cat Flaps fitted by us are of the highest quality. All cat and dog flaps fitted come with a 10 year guarantee.
Into UPVC:

There are various different styles of UPVC panels fitted to doors. Cat and dog flaps can easily be fitted into all of them.

Many doors have a plain white panel, or have glass mounted in 1 part and UPVC in another. Whatever door you have, it is perfectly possible for us to fit a dog or cat flap into it.

Most of the time we are able to cut and fit the cat or dog flap whilst on site. This means that you can have your cat flap fitted or dog flap fitted quickly and efficiently.
Into Wood:

When Ask Glass fit a cat flap into wood we cut a hole perfect for the cat flap being fitted.

No door is too big or small but all that is required for your cat flap or dog flap to be fitted it a 30mm clearance from the bottom. We make sure that we clean up all of our mess after we fit your cat or dog flap and all of our cat flap fitting jobs and dog flap fitting jobs come with a ten year guarantee.
cat flaps fitted in double and single glazing
cat flaps fitted and installed into upvc windows and doors
cat flaps fitted and ionstalled into wooden doors
cat flaps fitted and installed into concrete walls and exterior buildings