cat flaps installed and supplied by ask glass

Staywell 4 way locking cat flap

4 way locking cat flaps fitted by ask glass Staywell 300 - White Deluxe 4 way locking cat flap.

4 Way Locking cat flaps gives you the best controll over your cats movements over the whole Staywell Range

The Staywell 300 gives you more control, allowing you to set the cat flap:

In only,
Out only,
Fully locked,
Fully unlocked.

The flap is a solid transparent flap with magnetic seal. The 300 cat flap comes complete with 1 tunnel extension, hand for lining holes through doors.

Additional tunnels are available to line longer tunnels e.g. through walls. The Staywell 300 Cat flap is suitable for fitting into doors, walls or glass to a maximum depth of 54mm (2").

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